Poster for the gig: OPOSITOR + DEVIL'S SWORD

Here you got the final result.

The original drawging.

And the sketch/idea.

Old monsters

Since I was a child and started to draw, I tried to conserve all my drawings in folders, plastic sleeves, etc. Recently was taking a look among my old toys when I found a selfmade card game, created when I was 10. The game consists in monster battles with a die. I have re-sketched some of the creatures, hope you enjoy them. Of course still prefer the originals :)

Opositor tape

After several drawings and two hours of scissors and glue in bar, the final layout of the first Opositor demo rehearsal tape is done. It is made in the old school vein, using a photocopier, scissors, glue and a ballpen, there isn't any kind of computer tool behind this! You can see all the drawings and the cut'n'paste process to the final result. The covers of the tapes will be printed on oxblood paper.


Opositor logo

Also made the logo of these Beheretians called Opositor. Enjoy.


The Spaniards Opositor get in contact with me for an artwork. Here is the final result.

These black/death metallers will release a rehearsal tape with this artwork soon.